Hypixel Cake Bot

This bot is used to find the best deal for Hypixel New Year Cake prices, average auction prices, etc.

Waiting Message

Whilst you wait, the bot let’s you know what it is doing.



All the results are cached, so that the response time is very quick and does not take as long to get the data.

Showing Cake Prices

You can view the BIN (Buy It Now) prices for certain year New Year Cakes currently on the Hypixel Auction House.


Detailed Information

Using another command, you can get the median prices of previously-sold cakes, using a custom database of archived cakes, as Hypixel only shows you the last 60 seconds of auctions.


Lowest Price

Want to know the lowest price of a cake currently on the auction house? Now you can. https://i.imgur.com/36wL4OI.png

Or maybe an item?

You can also do this with items, get the lowest and median prices of them. https://i.imgur.com/dTod0wP.png