Welcome Messages

The bot supports a rich and professional embed for each user who joins the server


PayPal Invoicing

Why spend time waiting for the customer to send the money to you and have them copy and paste the e-mail when they can just click on an automatically generated invoice and pay the order in full with an optional tip.

Reaction Tickets

You want to create a commission, apply for staff or get support? Why type, when you can just click a reaction!



After every successful commission, you would like your customers to leave a review, wouldn’t you? Well now the customers at RaisenBuilds can, using the simple review command, they can get a nice clean embed displaying their comments and ratings for the freelancer and for the Commission Manager.


A lot of commands!

You can see every command that the bot has:



Their freelancers now get profiles, where they can set their portfolio, see their total earnings, how many tickets they have completed, their average rating, etc.